Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Becoming an EdTech Star this Summer!

Although I am still working to clean and organize my libraries, school is over again for another year.  Summer is when I really try to catch up with my RSS and Twitter feeds and when I have time to write and reflect about what I read on this blog.  Anyone is welcome to read or follow my ramblings, but understand that blogging is a way for me to focus and reflect on my personal learning goals.

This summer, my main goals are to refine my use of some edtech applications and to determine how to implement Common Core in my library program. I have created a "file" for Common Core topics on Pinterest as well as Scoop.It.  I also have a LiveBinder and a Symbaloo page for this topic.  Why so many types of curation applications?  The main reason is to give me a purpose to use the various programs and to determine which actually meet my needs and goals.  I plan to include Common Core topics in this blog over the summer as I try to find my direction to follow these standards.

For now, I have been racing through my feeds trying to catch up--which of course I never will.  There are some "recommended" bloggers I follow on my Google Reader that I think I need to drop so I can focus on those that really give me solid articles that apply to my current needs.  I also have some duplicates between my RSS and Twitter feeds that I should probably clean up.  I set up a TweetDeck a few years ago but have really started using it again this past year to be able to view Twitter and Facebook on one page. 

So bear with me as I get this blog up to speed again.  For now, join me in this article on Becoming an EdTech Star from Free Technology for Teachers.  Of the 10 items included in the article, here is the one that pushed me today.
"2. Start a blog or revive a dormant blog. Create a schedule for writing and stick to it. If you only have time to write for an hour a week, that's fine but do it consistently. Writing will force you to think and reflect. Publish your writing even if you don't think it's perfect. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. You can always write an addendum to the original post."
What about you?  Where are you in your personal learning journey?  I would love for you to share with me!

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  1. I read that blog frequently but hadn't read that. Good grief and it's just what I've been hearing in my head, from my husband and others lately-- just write! Thanks!