Friday, June 21, 2013

ISTE 2013 Presentation

"Extending Your Research Program Beyond the Library Book Stacks"

That is the name of our ISTE workshop.  Participants will be learning how to set up and use Weebly (a free website creator) and Edmodo (a free private learning network that I use with my 5th GATES group). And we are SOLD OUT!!

Kristina had most of the information created and I've gotten to add a few elements (after I explored and learned how to use the programs!).  My main contribution is sharing my use of Edmodo and how to conduct research with elementary students while Kristina addresses uses and research with older students.

Although it is still in progress (and ISTE is just two days away!), take a look at the QR code to our presentation. (I use Google Goggles but you can use any QR reader app).

ISTE 2013

This is the BIG NEWS of my summer!!

I will be attending ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) in San Antonio!!  This has been a bucket list item for me to accomplish before I retire--actually hoping to attend in Philadelphia in 2015.  Not only will I be attending but I will be presenting!!  Well, a more accurate description would be "helping" in a presentation with Kristina Holzweiss, a librarian from New York that I've NEVER MET!!  How is that for crazy!?

Last spring (possibly in March or April 2012) I was highlighted as a "Spotlight Educator" for Edmodo.  I had contacted Edmodo on a few specific points as I was presenting my use of Edmodo with my 5th grade GATES (gifted/talented) classes at the Oklahoma Technology Association/Encylo-Media conference in February.  I guess they found my use and situation interesting because they wrote up a short article on me.

I'm not sure how my name came up but Kristina contacted me through Edmodo to tell me that she was writing up a presentation proposal for ISTE and asked if I would be interested to present with her.  First of all, I couldn't get past the concept that a presentation proposal would be accepted from two people who did not know each other!  Second, I was in a major "pity party" mode at that particular time as my main principal/supporter had retired the previous spring and I was concerned about my newer principals understanding my library situation and program goals--especially in light of a new teacher evaluation system this year.  So I said "yes."  What did I have to lose?

In December, Kristina contacted me that our proposal had been accepted!  Now our presentation was dependent upon people signing up to join us.  This is where it really gets serious.  Attending ISTE is not inexpensive as registration is $344.00 (includes one-year ISTE membership) plus you have travel and lodging expenses.  But our BYOD workshop requires paid registration of an additional $49.00!  It's one thing to make a presentation at a state conference but these people are paying EXTRA to attend our session!!

I've been so impressed with Kristina--she is an ambassador for Edmodo and moderates two communities I follow.  She has also been published in School Library Journal and she maintains a great library webpage.  And she has two small children at home!!

Kristina has put together a great presentation and I've learned to use EdCanvas and Weebly as a result.  She is allowing me to share in her spotlight.  I am touched beyond words.

 More to come on the actual presentation!

Summer 2013

I started this blog several summers ago as a way to remind myself of specific edtech sites I wanted to explore and to reflect on how to use them in my library.  Looking back to see that I posted ONE blog last summer makes me think that I should change my blog name to "Random Thoughts & Whatever!"

My "web presence" has been more regular on Scoop.It, Pinterest, and Learnist.  I have a number of boards on those sites addressing Common Core, EdTech Tools, @myLibrary, and iPads in Classroom.

At this point, I want to make these notations:
    Wallwisher is now called Padlet;
    My Google Reader is dissolving so I've moved to Feedly;
    I created a library Symbaloo page this past year with a connected Symbaloo page for 5th grade American
         Revolution links; and
   my 5th grade GATES kids were not "into" Edmodo like last year's group.

Summer goals at this point are to develop skills with Google docs, Dropbox, Evernote, and iPad apps.  My school district presented an iPad to each certified teacher on our last day of school with the intent that our district will be moving to a 1:1 iPad initiative provided a bond issue passes this fall.  Having an iPhone has helped me to have some knowledge with the iPad although I have not explored any real classroom uses.  I haven't come up with a reasonable classroom use for the Smule Guitar app!!

Just so I am sure to post more than one blog this summer, I'm writing the REALLY BIG summer news in my next post.  Hint:  ISTE 2013!!