Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of course, Kathy Schrock!

I was cleaning out my emailbox and found some emails from Kathy Schrock I'd saved to explore this summer. Of course, I need to include Kathy Schrock in my Web 2.0 quest!!!

I subscribe to Kathy's "Site of the School Days" (SOS) newsletter to receive her weekly postings of innovative technology This page lists all of the sites she shared this year plus archives of previous years. What a treasure house!!

Since Kathy shared Diigo in March 2009 #31, she has created this great organized listing of various 2.0 tools using Diigo (June 2009 #41).

This lady leaves me breathless!! I have very little time during the school year to explore many of her offerings and unfortunately many of her tools are beyond my understanding and use at this time! :/

Some of the tools I specifically want to explore are:

Site 6 easy-to-use, online concept mapping tool; great to use when introducing a topic and using an interactive whiteboard or in computer lab when students are starting a project

Site 23 My Webspiration, the useful mind-mapping tool, comes to the Web in an easy-to-use, collaborative version

Site 24 Slideshare easy-to-use site that allows you to upload your presentations, share them with others, and also creates a text-based "transcript" of the text on all of the slides; in addition, there are thousands of presentations to search for, preview, download, and edit for use with your class

Thank you for sharing your research and expertise, Kathy!!


  1. Thank YOU for brightening up my day!


  2. Hope you like blogging as much as I do--just write about...whatever!...It's part of your title. And don't be afraid to be ridiculous. Of course, showing your husband and children ridiculous is not advised unless you're writing under a pen name!