Saturday, June 13, 2009

I think I may be famous . . .

Don't laugh, but this is just beyond belief for me.

A friend emailed me as she is looking into applying for a library position in Texas and so I was sending her some sites I have used to develop my program. I forgot that I had Larry Bell's reading strategies on my web page so when I googled "Larry Bell"--was I surprised to see that my website page came up as a link.

So I wondered about my "Survivor OKLAHOMA" program. I have had many hits on my webpage for that as I presented it at Encyclo-Media in 2007--and I was the 6th listing under that search.

So now--very scary. I googled my name and found several listings but my school webpage was the 4th listing.

If you are interested to view my "Survivor OKLAHOMA" reference resources activity, here's the link to my school web page

Another exciting moment was receiving a comment from Kathy Schrock on this blog. Yes, I realize that it was probably a computer-generated response but still it was exciting for me .

So don't laugh, but I think that I may be famous. :)

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  1. You need a counter and a feedjit map--then you'll really feel famous! You will get some interesting hits. Sometimes I throw in words like werewolf or vampie just to see what happens!